At Casting Cave we only stock items that we have on hand. So if you're having troubles adding more than one of an item, it's possible that it's the last of that item we have in stock.
As a small one man operation, I don't get discounts for mailing orders like large companies. The cost covers everything from Paypal fees to gas and even to the cost of the envelope your order is promptly mailed in. Please do not be offended if the price printed on the envelope does not reflect the charged price, the printed price is only what the postal service charges me to mail the package.
If you don't see your country in the shipping zones it's because I've had issues with mailing to your country in the past. Please keep in mind that I'm an essentially one man operation and I can't afford to ship to high risk areas.
Since resin is much more rigid than toy plastic, most heads will require drilling or dremeling to fit them to your custom.
Unless noted the heads on the site are all random colors, since I cast in bulk I run current commissions and regular inventory at the same time so heads can be almost any color. If you do need an item casted in a specific color, feel free to email me before purchasing said items, if I have the molds in rotation I will be glad to cast them in the colors you need.
These tags are simply an identifier to label the caster of each item. This is just for managing inventory.
Since I work with other casters, some items may be come and go in a very short time and not be available for quite a while. I'll do my best to get these items back up but I have no control over how soon I get restocks. If I have molds of the items personally, I'll do my best to get them back up but in some cases molds wear out and I no longer have access to the original piece for making a new mold.
All items listed on the item are stocked and ready to ship, orders usually mail the next business day if not the same day. Tracking numbers are always provided and can be found on your Paypal invoice for the order.