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Feedback score: 99.78%

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First rate products and shipping time as always. Jungle Man, etc. 12/16/2017
Item came in fast an in great shape ! Highly recommended! Han(Hand Painted, Head Only, Fitted for Figuarts) 12/15/2017
Casting Cave never lets me down. (MW)Berserker Claws(3), etc. 12/13/2017
Great weapons as usual, thanks! (MW)Uzi, etc. 12/12/2017
Great work, just as with the first one I purchased. Very happy! Han(Hand Painted, Head Only, Fitted for Figuarts) 12/09/2017
Awesome casts. Very solid, no flash and fast shipping. Earth X Logan(Old Man Logan size)(Clearance Sale), etc. 12/09/2017
Great quality product and super fast shipping. My new one-stop source for 1:12 scale hobby needs! WS(Long Hair, Flex), etc. 12/08/2017
Perfect product, always a pleasure to deal with. Couldn't be happier! Han(Hand Painted, Head Only, Fitted for Figuarts) 12/07/2017
great items and delivered from USA to UK in 10 days - Really happy! MJ(Flex), etc. 12/07/2017
Super speedy shipping. Securely packed. Everything was great. Frank's Belt(Flex, random color), etc. 12/03/2017
Good quality, came a day early! (MW)Katana(Pair) 12/03/2017
Items are always as described, great customer service always given, thank you!!!! Berserker Claws(3), etc. 12/02/2017
As always, a smooth transaction, and a pleasure doing business. Thanks again casting cave! Damon(6" scale), etc. 12/01/2017
Quality casts fast shipment Wayne(6" Scale), etc. 12/01/2017
Good casts the first random bag that had a lot of repeats but still good. (LW)Fodder Bag(Random) 11/29/2017
I always order from the casting cave because he makes the best casts around! (LW)Fodder Bag(Random) 11/27/2017
Great transaction as always! Kurt(Toybiz Legends Size) 11/27/2017
Good company, this is the second time buying from them. Good experience on both occasssions. Berserker Claws(3), etc. 11/26/2017
Great work as always. Thank you. (CG)Remy(Shrunk for Legends) 11/26/2017
Items received promptly and as described. Always a great seller. The Skull(Coulson Size), etc. 11/26/2017
Great product! Thank you. Han(Hand Painted, Head Only, Fitted for Figuarts) 11/26/2017
Awesome transaction as always! (CCO)Circle X-belt(Rubber), etc. 11/26/2017
Fantastic !!!! Steve(One:12 Size), etc. 11/25/2017
Prodcuts required some sanding, link swords good quality, twin blade not so great Link Swords, etc. 11/24/2017
High quality product, fast delivery. Items arrived undamaged. (CG)Remy(Shrunk for Legends), etc. 11/22/2017
Always fast. Always quality. Silas(Casting Cave Custom, Scaled to Hyperion Body 11/16/2017
quality products you expect and fast shipment!!! Classic Bond(6" Scale", etc. 11/15/2017
Great purchase! Items were shipped speedily and secured. (MW)Webley Revolver, etc. 11/15/2017
Great casting. A bit larger than my other AKs, but unnoticeable far away. (CCO)AK Mags, etc. 11/14/2017
Absolutely great and better than what I expected in person. I love it! Great communication too. Han(Hand Painted, Head Only, Fitted for Figuarts) 11/14/2017
All around fantastic. Thank you! Luke(Fitted for Figuarts, Hand Painted, Head Only) 11/14/2017
Great stuff Movie Frank(One:12 Size), etc. 11/12/2017
Good and easy transaction. Looking forward to buying again. (MW)P99, etc. 11/10/2017
I personally think your the best in the game. just wish you re did more celeb casts/hot toys thanks Batty(Shrunk to Legends), etc. 11/09/2017
quality products. fast shipping. great transaction. Kurt(Toybiz Legends Size), etc. 11/07/2017
Order was fast, no issues at all. German Officer Hat(Flex, random color), etc. 11/07/2017
Great work will buy again HT MCU Skull, etc. 11/06/2017
Great batch of weapons! Thanks! (MW)Standard MP5, etc. 11/05/2017
More claws are the right kind of claws. Wolverine looks a Bazillion times better with these claws! Berserker Claws(3) 11/04/2017
A+++ (MW)M4A1, etc. 11/03/2017
Items were perfect! They arrived fast too (MW)Tactical Shotgun, etc. 11/01/2017
Great products Patch(Old Man Logan Size), etc. 10/30/2017
Amazing work will buy again OML(Scaled to Legends Logan), etc. 10/30/2017
Items arrived quickly and were well packed. All look extremely good. Will be ordering again! HT MCU Skull, etc. 10/30/2017
Fast shipping! Masked Wolverine(Hand Painted, Head Only, Fitted f 10/28/2017
Got here much sooner than I expected Bowen Magz(Shrunk to Legends), etc. 10/28/2017
Amazing work will cont to buy TLJ(6" scale), etc. 10/27/2017
great product (awesome casts guys..!,) great packing and shipping (Bowen)Death Lock(Hyperion Size), etc. 10/26/2017
Best casting place Old Ben(Clearance Sale) 10/25/2017
So excited to finally have these! Good packaging and great craftsmanship! (MW)Rick's Revolver(6" scale) 10/22/2017
Quality products will keep buying Classic Bond(6" Scale", etc. 10/22/2017
Amazing work will buy again HT MCU Skull, etc. 10/17/2017
Great fast transaction. Thanks! HT MCU Skull, etc. 10/17/2017
Amazing work will buy again HT Daywalker, etc. 10/13/2017
Great casts! Bruce(Figuarts Size)(Clearance Sale), etc. 10/13/2017
Great weapons and great customer service! (MW)Tactical Pistol, etc. 10/12/2017
Head fit perfectly on Marvel Legends body. Yellow paint matched up great too. 10/10 for Casting Cave Masked Wolverine(Hand Painted, Head Only, Fitted f 10/10/2017
Casts are top notch! This store is my go to for head casts. Was delivered very fast! (CG)Fodder Bag(Random), etc. 10/05/2017
Awesome stuff, fast shipping Luke(Figuarts Size), etc. 10/03/2017
Love these claws! Eons ahead of the stock claws. Totally fast shipment. Love these things. Berserker Claws(3) 10/02/2017
Painted and unpainted heads arrived quickly and look great. Wolverine(Fitted for Legends, Hand Painted, Head O, etc. 09/30/2017
No one compares to the quality of the casts and on top of that my orders have always arrived fast. Sandy(Bucky and Hyperion Size), etc. 09/29/2017
This has been and will continue to be my go to for all my casting needs Joe Commando(Articulated Icons Size), etc. 09/29/2017
Absolute best cast part seller & painter. Exceptional/fast/helpful service. Highest quality products Masked Wolverine(Hand Painted, Head Only, Fitted f, etc. 09/28/2017
excellent casts. will keep buying!!! Classic Bond(6" Scale", etc. 09/27/2017
Will buy again Joe Commando(Articulated Icons Size), etc. 09/27/2017
Great transaction. The casts are great, and they arrived quickly, and intact. (LW)Custom Shredder(Sale!), etc. 09/26/2017
Great product and good customer service! (LW)90's Scott, etc. 09/26/2017
Great stuff as always and lighting fast shipping to Canada! Ninja Commando(Legends Size), etc. 09/25/2017
Exceptional castwork/top-of-the-line paintwork. Best seller of these items on eCrater or elsewhere. Nightcrawler(Fitted For Legends, Hand Painted, Hea 09/20/2017
Super fast shipping is Ororo(w/ Flex Hair), etc. 09/19/2017
Great job! Joe Commando(Articulated Icons Size), etc. 09/18/2017
Great weapons as usual, thanks man! (MW)Auto9, etc. 09/17/2017
Excellent items, fast delivery, highly recommended Kurt(Toybiz Legends Size), etc. 09/15/2017
Excellent product, great seller communication, fast shipping. Highly recommended!!! Movie Logan(Set, Shrunk to ML) 09/10/2017
Always a pleasure getting products from castingcave. They are of superb quality with fast delivery. Pete(Beard and No Beard), etc. 09/10/2017
Once again, very pleased with The Casting Cave. Shipped quick, once PayPal cleared the payment . (MW)Large Revolver, etc. 09/09/2017
The best products. The best customer service. The fastest shipping. Truly a great experience! Shoulder Pauldron(Flex, Random Color), etc. 09/07/2017
Great work will cont to buy (LW)Doom(Unmelted Face w/ Removable Mask), etc. 09/05/2017
Excellent product, great price & fast shipping. A++ seller! Highly recommended! Wayne(One:12 Size) 09/04/2017
Good pieces and good seller! Koto Hank(Hyperion Size), etc. 09/04/2017
Quick shipping and helpful communication. Joe Commando(Articulated Icons Size) 09/02/2017
Excellent service and a great product. Wayne(One:12 Size), etc. 09/02/2017
Quick and excellent International service, once again. Tis why i keep going back. Wayne(One:12 Size), etc. 09/01/2017
Great weapons as usual, Thanks man! (MW)Long Machete, etc. 08/30/2017
High quality and fast shipping (MW)AA12 Auto Shotgun, etc. 08/29/2017
Great cast especially the AK F.A. model cast.Looks like the one I have but stock needs fixing. (MW)AK12, etc. 08/28/2017
Exceptional seller/best seller of cast items. Super fast service/mailing, highest quality items. A++ Juggernaut(Fitted For Legends BAF, Hand Painted, H, etc. 08/24/2017
great merchandise. (MW)Magnum Revolver, etc. 08/23/2017
Great job thank you very much (MW)50 Cal Pistol(B,G,M), etc. 08/22/2017
Quick service! Handy item! Wanda Hair(Flex) 08/21/2017
Great Product! Above and beyond customer service! Been a customer for years! Amazing! Wayne(6" Scale), etc. 08/18/2017
Great products! fast on shipping, The pieces fit the 6 inch tall marvel legends figures amazingly (MW)Tactical Shotgun, etc. 08/18/2017
Fantastic!!!!!!! Wick(Legends Size), etc. 08/16/2017
Great items, good communication, quick shipper! Wolverine(Fitted for Legends, Hand Painted, Head O, etc. 08/14/2017
Cool weapons! Best place to buy arsenal for Marvel Legends customs on the web! (MW)50 Cal Pistol(B,G,M), etc. 08/14/2017
All excellent! Wolverine(Fitted for Legends, Hand Painted, Head O 08/13/2017
When these claws arrive, have an exacto knife ready to cut away flash, and heat up wolvie's fists. (MW)Berserker Claws(3) 08/11/2017
All parts were perfectly cast and shipping was very quick. 100% pleased. I will order again soon. (MW)Webley Revolver, etc. 08/08/2017
Fast shipping Koto Hank(Hyperion Size), etc. 08/06/2017
Thanks again man love these items Wick(Legends Size), etc. 08/04/2017
I've ordered from cc 3 times... and i must say I've never been disappointed. Great stuff (MW)Imperial Sniper Rifle 08/04/2017
It arrived very quickly (MW)Vampire Hunter SMG(Delta T Customs), etc. 07/30/2017
Always good stuff. Never disappointed. Wick(Legends Size), etc. 07/30/2017
Highly recommend. Consistantly high quality casts, great shipping. Thanks Corey Silky Hair(Flex), etc. 07/29/2017
Well made. Thank you! Movie Logan(Shrunk to ML) 07/29/2017
Always great job. Logan Cowl(Flex, Random Color), etc. 07/29/2017
Very good thank you! Wayne(One:12 Size) 07/28/2017
Great weapons as usual, Thanks! (MW)Vampire Hunter SMG(Delta T Customs), etc. 07/27/2017
Quick shipping and great sculpt! Thank you, will do business again. The Moff(Black Series Size) 07/26/2017
Great work for what I needed it for. Requires a little cleanup / modification but that's all good. (MW)Rick's Revolver(6" scale) 07/26/2017
This is awesome and like the only one who actually casts good stuff. Totally recommend and fast ship German Officer Hat(Flex, random color), etc. 07/25/2017
Fast transaction speedy delivery (CG)Katana(Pair), etc. 07/23/2017
excellent Ninja Commando(Legends Size), etc. 07/21/2017
great as always Sandy(Bucky and Hyperion Size), etc. 07/21/2017
Nice looking miniture guns. Thanks, Ken (MW).45 Pistol 07/21/2017
Always a pleasure buy from this seller will cont to buy Ninja Commando(Legends Size), etc. 07/19/2017
Always great service, good quality products, and quick to ship! I love ordering from these guys! Wayne(One:12 Size), etc. 07/19/2017
Great quality fast delivery (MW)Quill Blaster, etc. 07/19/2017
Great Casts and received order in good condition. Highly recommend CastingCave for any Customizer! (MW)Axe, etc. 07/17/2017
Product came as described, in great condition and shipped fast. A+++ (MW)Vampire Hunter SMG(Delta T Customs) 07/16/2017
I love casting cave, the service is always fast and the casts aren't quality. (CG)Big Fodder Bag(Random) 07/14/2017
Quality. Will buy again. Bruce(Figuarts Size) 07/13/2017
Excellent service and good quality casts. Very happy! Pete(Beard and No Beard) 07/12/2017
Love shopping at casting cave. Great product, great guy. (MW)Berserker Claws(3) 07/10/2017
Quick, easy, and a great product. Will definitely be doing business with again. (MW)XM8, etc. 07/08/2017
Great batch of weapons as usual, thanks! (MW)Future Mutant Blaster, etc. 07/07/2017
Fast shipping (MW)50 Cal Pistol(B,G,M), etc. 07/06/2017
Thanks. High collar(Flex), etc. 07/05/2017
Thank you. great products and fast delivery. Will shop again. Thanks again (MW).45 Pistol, etc. 07/03/2017
Awesome, as always! (MW)G36, etc. 07/01/2017
Quality product; will order again The Moff(Black Series Size) 06/30/2017
Great products and fast shipping thanks SS DP, etc. 06/27/2017
Hassle free order, fast international delivery to the UK and fantastic quality casts. 10/10 (LW)Classic Bird Mutant(Sale!), etc. 06/25/2017
Excellent work and fast shipping! I've already bought a few things. Wolverine Set(Fitted for Current Legends, Hand Pai 06/25/2017
Such very good casts and sent so many for how much it cost very pleased! (CG)Big Fodder Bag(Random) 06/23/2017
Incredible. Blown away by the work and lightning fast shipping!! Old Ben Kenobi(ANH, Hand Painted, Head Only) 06/22/2017
These head cast are amazing will buy again Wayne(One:12 Size), etc. 06/21/2017
Always a pleasure. This store puts customers first and always ships very quickly. A+ (MW)Frank's 1911, etc. 06/21/2017
Awesome as always! (LW)FO Cap(Sale!), etc. 06/21/2017
Shipping was fast and product was accurate. (MW)P99, etc. 06/19/2017
Great transactions: the best custom part seller: top quality items & first rate customer service. Archangel Head(Hand Painted, Fitted for current Le, etc. 06/13/2017
Another batch of great weapons, and the sword was better than expected, Thanks! (LW)Steve, etc. 06/12/2017
Always great service. ROTS Obi(Black Series Size) 06/12/2017
Fast shipping, well packaged, great detailed casts Bowen Cap(Current Cap Size), etc. 06/11/2017
Great seller. Packed well, fast shipping. Thanks! (CCO)Cutlass, etc. 06/11/2017
Excellent items, arrived in good time, highly recommended seller! (MW)Tactical Shotgun, etc. 06/05/2017
Great casts and great prices and fast delivery. RDJ, etc. 06/04/2017
Thank you Moon Lady Hair(Flex, Random Color)(Sale!), etc. 06/04/2017
Excellent Seller! Great Communicator! Easy transaction and the Products are the most perfect quality Koto Hank(Hyperion Size) 06/01/2017
Product came as pictured and very fast. Great seller! (LW)Small Sub Machine Gun - MP5K(Black), etc. 05/31/2017
Amazing casts! Speedy shipping too. Thank you! Koto Hank(Hyperion Size), etc. 05/31/2017
Great Seller. Fast Shipping. Great Items. # 1 place for your customs : ) (LW)Apoc(6" size), etc. 05/30/2017
Received what we had ordered in a timely manner. We will order again from you. Thanks Old Man Obi(Black Series Size) 05/28/2017
Blown away at the quality of the castings. Could not be more pleased. Thank you for the fast ship :) Movie Logan(Set, Shrunk to ML) 05/26/2017
Very good experience buying from this seller. He does great work! Arrived quickly and packaged well. Wolverine(Hand Painted, Head Only) 05/25/2017
Excellent Patch(Old Man Logan Size), etc. 05/21/2017
Excellent Scarjo Hair(Long, Flex), etc. 05/21/2017
Just what I needed! Casting Cave is a wonderful resource! (MW)Ray Gun 05/20/2017
Excellent service and quality products. Very pleased. (MW)M4 LMG, etc. 05/19/2017
Can't praise the quality or the service highly enough!! That's why I keep coming back! Nico, etc. 05/16/2017
Extremely please with these items will buy again (CG)Pietro(Casting Cave Custom), etc. 05/15/2017
Very happy with my purchase! Bowen Magz(Shrunk to Legends), etc. 05/11/2017
Beautiful heads! Very professional and amazing shopping experience A+++ Wolverine Set(Two Heads, Hand Painted, Heads Only) 05/10/2017
ALWAYS a pleasure doing business. Great deals, fast shipping and incredible customer service. (MW)Large Revolver, etc. 05/10/2017
Awesome head cast , fast shipping and great customer service will definitely buy again Bowen Berserker, etc. 05/09/2017
Always a pleasure to work with, cast are always professionally done Bowen Magz(Shrunk to Legends), etc. 05/08/2017
They do a great job. Old Man Obi(Black Series Size), etc. 05/06/2017
Great blaster weapons and swords as usual, thanks! (MW)Vampire Hunter SMG(Delta T Customs), etc. 05/05/2017
Quick shipping, and an excellent product! HT Steve(Legends Size), etc. 05/05/2017
Awesome sculpt! Awesome paint! Shipped fast! A+ A+ A+ Wolverine(Hand Painted, Head Only) 05/04/2017
Excellent as always Wolverine(Hand Painted, Head Only), etc. 05/03/2017
Awesome items! Awesome customer service! Grimm, etc. 04/30/2017
The seller is great he came highly recommended and I will definitely use again Bowen Cap(Current Cap Size) 04/29/2017
Great seller Palace Blaster 04/28/2017
Excellent as always Patch(Old Man Logan Size), etc. 04/27/2017
Great set of weapons, fast shipping, thanks! (MW)MP5 Rifle, etc. 04/27/2017
Corey does great work. Always pleased with the castings and very fast ship. Highly recommend. (CG)Cage 04/24/2017
Great seller! I've ordered a few times now and I'm always impressed with the quality! Marksman Shoulder Pads(Flex), etc. 04/23/2017
Amazing work as usual!! Thank you!! Bowen Devil(Shrunk to Legends), etc. 04/18/2017
Just as said WS(Long Hair, Flex) 04/17/2017
Great price and crazy fast shipping!! Figma Elbow/Ankle Joint(Light Fleshtone) 04/16/2017
Super fast shipping I was like wow and excellent quality Future Mutant Shoulder Pads(Flex) 04/16/2017
Easy site to order from, found what I was wanting. Thank you. (MW).45 Pistol, etc. 04/14/2017
Really prompt service and shipping that's actually reasonable in these days. (CG)Magnum Revolver 04/12/2017
Thx for the quick shipping RDJ, etc. 04/11/2017
Great Seller!! HT Lang(Legends and Figuarts Set) 04/10/2017
Great Seller. Fast Shipping. Great Quality. A+++ Bowen Adam(Shrunk to Legends), etc. 04/10/2017
Excellent !! !the size of the cast is a good size for the body . Super fast shipping thanks again . Alex 04/08/2017
Amazing selling and very fast shipping! Thank you once again. (CG)Pietro(Casting Cave Custom), etc. 04/06/2017
Fast shipping, everything arrived as orders. Very content. Old Ben Saber Hilt, etc. 04/06/2017
Quality looking casts, very nice. Alex head however will not fit on a marvel legend due to a defect. Alex, etc. 04/05/2017
EXCELLENT WEAPONS AS USUAL! (MW)Standard MP5, etc. 04/05/2017
Great quality and fast shipping! HT Bruce(NECA and Legends Size), etc. 04/02/2017
Great set of weapons, swift delivery, thanks! (MW)Auto9, etc. 03/31/2017
As always everything perfect, thanks a lot!! Old Ben Saber Hilt, etc. 03/31/2017
Super fast shipping will. Will buy again 8mm Revoltech Joint(Gun Metal), etc. 03/29/2017
Thank you!!!!! The Moff, etc. 03/28/2017
Great items. Exactly as pictured. Very fast shipping also. Juggy(BAF Size), etc. 03/25/2017
Would recommend for you customizing needs (CCO)Tactical Belt(Rubber), etc. 03/24/2017
Another great transaction. Everything was prompt and perfect. Will definitely buy again. (MW)M4A1, etc. 03/23/2017
Thanks. (CG)Combat Knife Medium, etc. 03/22/2017
perfect castings just wish the bowen Cap head was not bright yellow but still great work. Bowen Cap(Current Cap Size), etc. 03/21/2017
Excellent casts. Timely delivery. Bowen Magz(Shrunk to Legends), etc. 03/21/2017
Excellent as usual (MW)Berserker Claws(3), etc. 03/18/2017
The order came quickly within a couple days of ordering and everything was very high quality Padawan, etc. 03/17/2017
received exactly what i ordered and was more than satisfied with the final product, (MW)Sawed Off Shotgun, etc. 03/17/2017
Would buy from again Tactical Shotgun, etc. 03/14/2017
This is where I get and the stuff I need for my custom action figures. They ship all items fast Nate, etc. 03/13/2017
I love buying from casting cave! Fast, accurate and excellently crafted casts! (CG)Big Fodder Bag(Random) 03/11/2017
Amazing! Bowen Berserker 03/10/2017
Awesome purchase will don't to buy from seller HT Lang, etc. 03/09/2017
Great product! Ships fast! (CG)Remy(Shrunk for Legends), etc. 03/05/2017
thank you. just what i was needing. 3" Acrylic Rods(Red, Blue, Green Set), etc. 03/04/2017
Awesome, Quick, Very Pleased The Moff, etc. 03/02/2017
Everything looked great! No issues with casts 3A Style Grunt Head(Clearance Sale) 03/02/2017
Very fast shipping. Great head sculpt Bowen Cap(Current Cap Size), etc. 02/28/2017
Fast shipment, great quality!! The Moff 02/26/2017
Casting Cave is GREAT! Best experience. Arrived fast. Castings are perfect w/ sharp details. Thanks! The Moff, etc. 02/25/2017
Fodder bag = awesome customizing results. Everything used, no waste. Highly recommended. Great buy! (CG)Big Fodder Bag(Random) 02/25/2017
Always amazing products and fast shipping Berserker Claws(3), etc. 02/24/2017
Always a pleasure to deal with the Corey at the Casting Cave. Royal Guard Staff 02/20/2017
I love this site and but most of my custom ideas here. Support his awesome work everyone! (CG)Big Fodder Bag(Random) 02/20/2017
absolutely blown away by the speed of arrival. great pricing, excellent castings. extremely happy. Female Bare Feet, etc. 02/18/2017
Reliable and fast as always Herc, etc. 02/18/2017
Awesome casts, very good communication, thank you very much!!!! (CG)Big Fodder Bag(Random) 02/17/2017
The transaction was fast ,smooth, and they shipped very quickly Movie Logan(Set, Shrunk to ML) 02/16/2017
items exactly as described, fast shipping. A+ seller thanks Pietro(Movie), etc. 02/15/2017
Great. Bowen Adam(Shrunk to Legends) 02/10/2017
very quick shipping. Luke Saber Hilt, etc. 02/08/2017
Fast shipping, great items! Awesome experience. 5/5 (LW)Steve, etc. 02/07/2017
Thanks. Grimm, etc. 02/05/2017
Perfect. Always ships very fast Berserker Claws(3), etc. 02/03/2017
Great products! Ships fast! Laser Rifle, etc. 02/03/2017
Thank you!! (LW)HoM Banner 02/03/2017
The M4s are really great, slight bend to them and are about 10% to 20% larger than my other M4s. Tactical M4 Silenced 02/02/2017
Absolutely the best . 1st shipping was superfast and i mean Fast . Item looks awesome thank you Pulse Rifle 02/02/2017
Most excellent! (CG)Big Fodder Bag(Random), etc. 01/30/2017
Great work and product. Fast shipping. Thank you, Plo, etc. 01/28/2017
Fast shipping. Great price. Would buy from them again Evil Marksman(Casting Cave Custom), etc. 01/28/2017
No complaints. All expectations met. Would buy from again. Jedi Brat, etc. 01/27/2017
Perfect packiny prompt shipping. Head casts are professionally made 8mm Revoltech Joint(Salmon), etc. 01/27/2017
Excellent, very fast delivery. Product was as expected. (CG)Remy(Shrunk for Legends), etc. 01/27/2017
Excellent casts, shrunk down to a perfect ML size. Thank you! (CG)Remy(Shrunk for Legends) 01/26/2017
Extremely professional, high quality products, excellent communications, all around A+ service. Snubnose Revolver, etc. 01/24/2017
Another satisfying experience. Great molds. Tactical MP5, etc. 01/24/2017
Excellent quality casts, virtually no bubbles and very crisp details. Super fast, well packed! :D Figma Knee Joint(Black), etc. 01/20/2017
Amazing products! Thank you so much! (CG)Big Fodder Bag(Random) 01/19/2017
Great cast. Fast shipping. Thanks!! Qui Gon Saber 01/18/2017
Fast shipping, quality products! Palace Blaster, etc. 01/16/2017
Thank you so much casting cave for existing Imperial Sniper Rifle 01/09/2017
Great casts. I missed out on the Logan/Unmasked Wolvie head awhile back, hope it makes a comeback! (CCO)Katana, etc. 01/05/2017
Excellent service fast shipping Plo, etc. 01/05/2017
Wares as stated, excellent condition. Would be nice to have estimated delivery date but no biggie. Figma Knee Joint(White), etc. 01/02/2017
Great service! Melty Darth(Sale!), etc. 01/01/2017
Every order with Casting Cave is always perfect!! Bowen Magz(Shrunk to Legends), etc. 01/01/2017
Fantastic quality items! I'll be back. Thanks again! Kilgrave, etc. 12/31/2016
Great product and very speedy delivery. Bowen Gladiator(Shrunk to Legends), etc. 12/27/2016
Again, really pleased with the cast quality. Would definitely purchase here in the future. MK23, etc. 12/25/2016
Excellent shipping speed and quality. P99, etc. 12/24/2016
Great. Emma Hair(Flex, Random Color), etc. 12/23/2016
Always great and fast shipping (CCO)Square X-belt(Rubber), etc. 12/21/2016
Great casts! Fast shipping! Thanks!! Luke(Sale!), etc. 12/19/2016
Awesome! Great service Mac10, etc. 12/18/2016
Very fast shipping and awesome weapons. (CCO)Rebel Blasters, etc. 12/18/2016
Great work. Very fast delivery. And very appreciative service. Thermal Grenades(Pair), etc. 12/15/2016
amazing as always (CCO)Saber Hilts(4), etc. 12/14/2016
Awesome seller! (CG)P90, etc. 12/13/2016
Excellent products ! Excellent service ! Always ships on time and securely! Pulse Rifle, etc. 12/12/2016
Thoroughly happy with my order! War Zone Frank(Legends Size), etc. 12/12/2016
Excellent service ! I'm Amway's a returning customer !!!! (CCO)Katana, etc. 12/11/2016
Very fast and great quality, exactly what I expected. Vader Knees(Hard Resin, Black) 12/07/2016
Fast delivery and quality product The Moff, etc. 12/07/2016
Just top class seller here!!!! Bowen Devil(Shrunk to Legends), etc. 12/01/2016
Just what i wanted and at a price you cant beat The Count(Clearance Sale) 12/01/2016
Excellent seller with exceptional products and great communication. Highly recommended! Emma Hair(Flex, Random Color), etc. 11/30/2016
The P90 is amazing. The casting for the guns are phenominal! Hope to see more like Famas or UMP. (CG)P90, etc. 11/29/2016
Awesome product and it arrived fast! (CG)Remy(Shrunk for Legends) 11/26/2016
Pefect castings as usual! Melty Darth, etc. 11/26/2016
Great service and really fast international delivery, highly recommended!!!!!! Slade Sword, etc. 11/24/2016
Awesome customer service and fast shipping! Great great product! (CG)Big Fodder Bag(Random) 11/21/2016
very nice products, arrived on time Bare Feet(Male, Flex, Random Color), etc. 11/21/2016
Superb seller!!! Mace(Clearance Sale), etc. 11/17/2016
Always a great transaction!! (CG)Big Fodder Bag(Random) 11/16/2016
Excellent fast shipping time. Thank you. (CG)Big Fodder Bag(Random) 11/13/2016
Awesome grab bag. Thanks (CG)Big Fodder Bag(Random) 11/07/2016
Fast international shipping and well packaged Apoc(Hulk Size), etc. 11/04/2016
Great seller. Super fast shipping. Amazing quality. Thanks again! War Zone Frank(Legends Size) 10/23/2016
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it needed a hole to snap the head on the body other than that great piece The Moff 09/22/2016
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Quick and easy as usual Bat mask, etc. 01/06/2016
Falcon head is EXTREMELY narrow. Not wide enough for a 6 inch figure, head broken in half while dril Falcon(Shrunk to 6") 01/05/2016
Thanks, Corey !!!!! Bare Feet(Male, Flex, Random Color), etc. 01/04/2016
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Voodoo 11/12/2015
Always quality products and service. Thank you! Lee Bats(DCD) 11/11/2015
Casting Cave is always great to work with. Fast shipping and fantastic quality casts. Big Fodder Bag(Random) 11/11/2015
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Prices are a little to high but not enough to discourage a dedicated customizer. Spider-dude(Battle Damaged), etc. 11/10/2015
Fast shipping! Thanks a lot! Cheetah Lady head(Flex), etc. 11/09/2015
I have ordered from this site three times now and every time I have been very satisfied. Thanks! (LW)WS, etc. 11/09/2015
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perfect and quick transaction as always. thank you. couldnt be happier. Big Fodder Bag(Random) 11/04/2015
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Fast shipping (LW)Military Guy 1 10/28/2015
Great stuff as always! Than you!!! Grift, etc. 10/23/2015
Received in good condition Bowen Magz(Shrunk to Legends), etc. 10/22/2015
As always, quality items from The Casting Cave. Shipping was as fast as ever. I love these people! (MW)Berserker Head, etc. 10/19/2015
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Great Products! Super Fast Shipping! Thoroughly Satisfied with my purchase! Thank You! A+++++++ (LW)Bird Mutant, etc. 10/14/2015
The belts were just okay had to modify them to make them fit. The AIM hands should have waited for. Tasky Belt(Flex), etc. 10/14/2015
Fast shipping! Thanks a lot! Livewire(Shrunk to Legends), etc. 10/13/2015
Excellent as always (MW)Welling(Shrunk to DCUC), etc. 10/13/2015
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Great product, fair price, FAST shipping! Order received in less than 5 days - well packed + extras Normal Hair Luke, etc. 10/10/2015
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pretty quick service. was surprised ultra lad head was green , expected black or white thank you. MS Marvel Lass(Shrunk to Legends), etc. 09/01/2015
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Superb casting. Perfectly smooth like it needed to be. (LW)En Sabah 08/30/2015
Castingcave once again is amazing! Movie Mags Helm, etc. 08/28/2015
Thanks! Hood, etc. 08/27/2015
Had the perfect part I need. Figma Large Shoulder Joint(Blue) 08/25/2015
Friendly seller. Recommend to anyone who in need for 6 inch accessories. (MW).45 Pistol 08/25/2015
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first time buying from castingcave. The cast were great. I would definitely recommend (MW)Pistol 1911(WWII), etc. 08/19/2015
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Corey always does an excellent job taking care of his customers. Good work on the sculpts, too! (MW)Euro Assault Rifle, etc. 08/03/2015
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My first transaction and a triumphant success! Item came in at great time and everything went well! Figma Smalll Shoulder Joint(White) 07/31/2015
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Arrived quick and in described condition MS Clint(Legends size) 07/18/2015
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At first it was lost in the mail and now that it was delivery, it is a perfect sculpt head! Falcon(Shrunk to 6") 07/16/2015
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Fast Shipping. Received in good condition RDJ(Legends Size), etc. 07/14/2015
FANTASTIC as usual. This guy goes the absolute extra mile when it comes to questions in email. A++++ X-belt(Flex, Random Color), etc. 07/14/2015
Fast service items were in good condition Merc Katana(B,G,M), etc. 07/14/2015
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Fast shipping, escellent packaging sellers always comes through love ordering from him. Inhuman Female, etc. 06/29/2015
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Very impressed. I will be buying from castingcave regularly from now on. (CG)Conner, etc. 06/26/2015
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Love the weapons keep them coming casting cave SCAR, etc. 05/31/2015
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Received in great condition Falcon pack with detachable wings(Legends size), etc. 05/25/2015
Received in great condition Supes, etc. 05/25/2015
Bowen head was a little smaller than expected but overall everything is good. Thank you for the cast Bowen DP, etc. 05/24/2015
arrived on time Hotwire, etc. 05/22/2015
Fast shipping, good packer. Muramasa and Katana set, etc. 05/21/2015
Great site easy transaction. Sent tracking info immediately after check out. Auto9, etc. 05/16/2015
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Items arrived quickly and were in great condition. My son was happy, so I am happy. Thanks! (MW)Welling(Shrunk to DCUC), etc. 05/14/2015
The MP5 is exactly like the one shipped with Agent Venom, just black. All items are great. Thanks! Auto9, etc. 05/08/2015
Super fast shipping! 90's Scott(Shrunk for Bucky Cap), etc. 05/07/2015
all perfect thx Movie Logan(Set, Shrunk to ML), etc. 05/07/2015
Awesome service! Figma Large Shoulder Joint(Blue) 05/06/2015
Shipped fast! Great products! (CG)Bobby head, etc. 05/06/2015
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Keep up the good work man, awsome casts (MW)Reeves(Shrunk to DCUC size) 05/05/2015
Great Seller, Great Items, Will return to do more business in the future, Thank you very much!!!! Proudstar(w/flex hair), etc. 05/03/2015
Good prices and quick to ship, however one of the heads I ordered had serious bubbles and mold flare (CG)Flame Effect(Clear), etc. 05/03/2015
Better and better! Well packed - this time a little box! Quality casts, and bonus items! Thanks Bruce(Fit for Coulson body), etc. 05/03/2015
Superb as usual Break Over Shotgun, etc. 05/02/2015
Fast shipping, great packing, good quality Beretta 93R, etc. 05/02/2015
Good seller, but half of items were different colour than advertised- seller didn't mention. G22 04/29/2015
Received in good condition. Fast shipping Batons, etc. 04/29/2015
Great products, great seller. Very satisfied with the final product, fast shipping. Bowen DP, etc. 04/29/2015
Really pleased with my purchases as well as the quality of the products. Barbarian Hair, etc. 04/28/2015
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received my shipment fairly quickly and in good condition Canary, etc. 04/27/2015
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Pretty great quality. Plissken(6" scale), etc. 04/19/2015
Exellent! Arnie(6" Scale), etc. 04/19/2015
This was my first order from Casting Cave, and it will certainly not be my last. Great experience. Peter, etc. 04/18/2015
Fast shipping! AK12, etc. 04/18/2015
Awesome stuff. Head molds came ready to be painted and the weapons are great. Will buy from again Tasky, etc. 04/18/2015
You are such a pleasure dealing with you. Sawed Off Shotty, etc. 04/18/2015
It's simple straight to figures description size everything nice WS(Long Hair, Flex), etc. 04/17/2015
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all perfect thanks Plissken(6" scale), etc. 04/15/2015
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Professional packaging fast shipment items came as expected A+++++ Tactical M4, etc. 04/12/2015
Fast shipping Arnie(6" Scale), etc. 04/11/2015
Great items and great service, thank you! Fodder Bag(Random), etc. 04/10/2015
Very happy with everything, product, seller, communication and shipping, thanks. Will purchase again (CG)Small USP, etc. 04/09/2015
Fast shipping Future Mutant Blaster, etc. 04/08/2015
(MW)Trooper head is great, SW Blasters are solid-not soft like SWBS blaster. Kirby heads amazing ! (MW)Trooper, etc. 04/08/2015
Awesome place to get what you need. Great turn around time and fantastic product. Original Comic Nerd, etc. 04/07/2015
Very good (MW)Cage 04/07/2015
Very well protected packaging, quick shipping, excellent communication. Great prices on items!! (CG)Romanov, etc. 04/05/2015
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Item shipped quickly and arrived safely. Would deal with again. Thank you. 4mm Revoltech Joint(Dark Red) 04/02/2015
a perfect transaction as always, casting cave always goes above and beyond. thank you. Fodder Bag(Random) 04/02/2015
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Awesome casting. Fast shipping. Grenade Launcher, etc. 04/02/2015
Quick shipping, everything as described. Great seller. (LW)Evil Bird Guy, etc. 03/30/2015
All the pieces were in immaculate condition, the heads had a very clean casting. (CG)Modern DP, etc. 03/29/2015
Great as always. Took care of any issue quickly. Jungle Man, etc. 03/29/2015
Shipped fast! Great products! Uzi, etc. 03/28/2015
Absolutely dead-on! I totally love the work that was done. I will be buying more from castingcave. (CG)Berserker Head, etc. 03/28/2015
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Very fast shipping. Great seller (CG)Modern DP, etc. 03/27/2015
Items arrived in well-packed box and exactly as described. Will buy from this merchant again! Bearded Aquatic Hero(Shrunk to DCUC), etc. 03/26/2015
outstanding, exactly what i wanted, quick delivery especially from america to uk, Thankyou, Doug (CG)MCF Spider Head 03/24/2015
Very satisfied!!! Thanks!!! Proudstar(w/flex hair, shrunk for Hyperion body), etc. 03/24/2015
Very satisfied!!!! Thanks!!! German Officer Hat(Flex), etc. 03/24/2015
Great item and a smooth transaction! Thanks! P38, etc. 03/23/2015
Always a pleasure. Sad I missed out on the other katanas. Hopefully next time. Thanks bro. (CG)Modern DP, etc. 03/21/2015
Unfortunately, I had to cancel my first order due to unforeseen circumstances. Cage(Fits Cmnd Rogers body), etc. 03/20/2015
Shipped fast! Great product! Muramasa and Katana set, etc. 03/20/2015
Great product and smooth transaction, as usual. (MW)Bobby head, etc. 03/18/2015
One of the best sellers and casters that I have ever dealt w/. I highly recommend. Bowen DP, etc. 03/17/2015
My second purchase with Casting Cave and I will be buying from them again. Would recommend them . Original Comic Nerd, etc. 03/16/2015
Great seller! HB(Shrunk to fit Hyperion), etc. 03/15/2015
Great headcasts, Fast shipping. Recommended seller! Spider-dude Mask, etc. 03/15/2015
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thank you for the item it was what I was looking for (MW)Welling(DCD) 03/14/2015
I highly recommend this seller!! Auto9, etc. 03/14/2015
Excellent items and always fast shipping. And the extras was a nice touch. You have a regular buyer. (MW)T-Bolts Lady(Bald), etc. 03/14/2015
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Fast shipping. Good product! Quill, etc. 03/12/2015
Amazing as usual (MW)Arkham Slade, etc. 03/10/2015
The special spec I asked for were not followed. No comm either way. Nice sculpt. Tracking # wb help. (MW)Arkham Wayne(DCD), etc. 03/09/2015
Items = excellent quality; arrived quickly & in excellent condition. Very pleased with purchase! (MW)Arkham Bats, etc. 03/07/2015
Really fast shipping and the product came just as advertised! Movie Pietro(Shrunk to Legends) 03/06/2015
Really really really happy with the quality of the parts!!!!! (CG)Clint Modern, etc. 03/06/2015
I am very pleased with my purchase from Corey garza. He was very helpful with my transaction. (MW)Unmasked Hellspawn 03/06/2015
Fantastic and fast service! Thanks for the Atom heads. I will be ordering again soon. (LW)Johnny, etc. 03/05/2015
Great quality casts and fast shipping. I will be a returning customer. Movie Pietro(Shrunk to Legends), etc. 03/04/2015
Good quality (MW)Cable, etc. 03/02/2015
Shipped fast. Great pieces. Logan Mask(Flex), etc. 02/27/2015
Castingcave is the legit site to buy action figure heads and parts for my custom projects. Tiger Man 02/27/2015
Good quality like always Holsters(Pair, Random Color) 02/27/2015
Great seller with amazing quality Accuser Hammer 02/26/2015
Great purchase! Awesome! (CG)Remy(Shrunk for Legends), etc. 02/26/2015
Love this seller! Have ordered from him multiple times and never had any problems. Bandaged Head, etc. 02/25/2015
Wondeful. I had a little confuision in the check out area but everything was fine. (MW)Generic Ninja Goon, etc. 02/24/2015
A repeat customer. Always had great service! Highly recommend! HB(Shrunk to fit Hyperion), etc. 02/22/2015
Awesome and fast as always. Future Mutant Shoulder Pads, etc. 02/22/2015
Highly recommended! Pistol USP, etc. 02/22/2015
Shipped fast and as always, great products! Skorpion(Pistol size), etc. 02/18/2015
Fast shipment, amazing product. A+ Movie Logan(Set, Shrunk to ML) 02/16/2015
Delivery took twice as long as usual. Otherwise great as always. Cage(Fits Cmnd Rogers body), etc. 02/15/2015
Good seller, kept in contact and took care of a shipping error on USPS' part. Thanks again! Chicken, etc. 02/11/2015
Items came perfect and fast (CG)Modern DP, etc. 02/10/2015
I'd love to order the shrunken version of DCD Arthur. Quill, etc. 02/10/2015
Great quality and fast shipping. We need Toxin arms lol. (MW)Symbiote(Spider-Junkie Customs), etc. 02/09/2015
Excellent turnaround time and product. Thanks again! Medusa hands(working swivels), etc. 02/08/2015
Excellent goods as always! Tactical Pistol, etc. 02/07/2015
Great Casts, fast shipping. Recommended Kelly, etc. 02/06/2015
Mighty handy! Keep up the great work!!!! P38 Pistol, etc. 02/05/2015
Excellent work! Worth every penny! Great service and shipping! Ten thumbs up plus a whole chicken! 1911, etc. 02/05/2015
casts are great, customer service is top notch. always a perfect experience with casting cave. DCD Hal(Shrunk to fit DCUC)(Buy One, Get One Free), etc. 02/04/2015
fantastic service and items where perfect. Uzi, etc. 02/03/2015
Perfect super fast shipping too. (CG)Remy(Shrunk for Legends), etc. 02/02/2015
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Looks good . Smaller than the actual head. Will make it work. (CG)Snake Man 11/09/2014
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Your casting is top notch. By any chance do you plan on doing a casts for a UMP 45? Alien Knife, etc. 11/01/2014
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Casting Cave's casting are top notch, and a great resource for Customizers. Holsters(Pair, White), etc. 10/20/2014
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the weapon accessories satisfactory as always. the feet look good on Storm figure. Pulse Rifle, etc. 09/25/2014
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I've used this seller before, always excellent service! Mark (CG)Modern Cap(Sale!) 07/21/2014
Sculpts are sharp, detailed & sturdy with only minor excess materials at the seams of the mold. (LW)Magnus Helm, etc. 07/20/2014
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Cool pieces! Mound of Skulls 07/20/2014
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Great product as always. The skull should be labeled more clearly. Not in scale to be used as a head (CG)Skull, etc. 05/02/2014
awesome casting!A+ will buy again Male Gloved Hands(Mutant Berserker), etc. 05/02/2014
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